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dictionaries & glossaries

grammar & style

  • Spanish Orthography (.pdf) Academical, normative document for Spanish orthography.
  • Fundéu (ES) Portal with many useful resources for Spanish linguists: style guide, usual queries compilation, linguistic query form, language-specific mailing list… Definitely worth visiting!
  • Ask the RAE (ES) Query form to send linguistic queries directly to the Real Academia Española.

useful international links

conversion tools

  • Digital Dutch Converts length, mass, speed, temperature, volume, density, bits & bytes…
  • Online Conversion Apart from the usual units, it has other useful converters, like clothing size and cooking measurements.
  • XE Comprehensive currency converter.

translation & networking

  • ATRAE Spanish Association of Audiovisual Translators and Adapters.
  • ASETRAD Spanish Association of Translators, Copy-editors and Interpreters. The site contains useful links, resources and a linguist search tool.
  • La linterna del traductor (ES) Asetrad's translation magazine.
  • LinkedIn World-wide professional network. Visit my profile and join my network!

videogame portals

  • Meristation News, previews, reviews, walkthroughs… in Spanish.
  • GameSpy News, previews, reviews, guides, cheats… in English (link to the UK edition).
  • GameSpot More news, reviews and so on. Also in English.